Players and Staff were migrated from KYCK Play to the Members tab in SportsEngine HQ. 

A subsequent migration will occur for those players and staff who were registered in KYCK Play between mid-May and July 31st. 

About Player Migration

The following information for players that held a valid passcard on or after January 1, 2018, was migrated:

  • Profile information - Name, contact information, headshot.
  • Proof of Birth (POB) verification by US Club Soccer.
  • YPRF/Medical Treatment Authorization/Waiver form (#R002) completion credential.

POB verification is not necessary for any player that migrated from KYCK Play. Due to improvements in the National Registration System (NRS), POB is verified by US Club Soccer as a one time credential. Once verified, POB no longer needs to be reviewed by US Club Soccer or added to a players profile for the 2019-20 Governing Season or any time in the future, for any reason.

About Staff Migration

The following staff members were migrated:

  • Staff with passcards valid through July 31, 2019.
    • Includes Profile information.
  • Staff with passcards valid through July 31, 2020.
    • Profile information and membership eligibility credentials were included. New passcards will be available for printing in the NRS on July 1.
  • Staff associated with your organization who were not registered (did not receive a passcard).
    • Includes Profile information.

About Team Migration

Teams/Rosters from KYCK Play were not migrated to the NRS because of the differences in how teams are created, updated, and deleted throughout the country during season transitions.

If your club would like to use the teams in KYCK Play as a starting point for 2019-20 Governing Season registration, please:

  • Export teams and associated data from KYCK Play.
  • Import the datainto the 2019-20 Governing Season. 
    • The KYCK Play export columns can be deleted/adjusted to be imported into the NRS.
  • Teams will then automatically be created and populated with the relevant players and staff members. 

Other/General Information

To clarify, migrated players and staff must be added to the 2019-20 Governing Season within the SportsEngine HQ US Club Soccer tab for registration to be complete. This is done by importing, either through SE Sync, CSV Upload, or Manual Upload. 

When importing, you'll be able to merge duplicates if the person already exists within the organization's member list, and the data is consistent.

From there, starting on July 1st, you will be able to:

  • Purchase memberships.
  • Start the eligibility journey.
  • Print Passcards and Official Rosters.